House Washing

Typically our customers see their cleanings last for 2+ years but each house is different and It depends on a lot of different factors. If your house is in damp conditions next to a wooded area and the siding doesn’t get a lot of sun then it likely you will need a house wash more often to ensure algae or mildew growth doesn’t occur.

Our house washes completely kill any algae and mildew and remove any┬ácontaminants. As with any exterior building your siding requires maintenance to ensure organic growth doesn’t begin to form. This is why it is recommend to get your house washed every few years.

Vinyl siding has tiny weep holes in some sections to allow any water or moisture behind the siding to escape. Sometimes after a house wash water can drain from these holes and bring with it any dirt that has accumulated behind the siding which then leaves a water spot on the siding. This can be cleaned by simply rinsing with a garden hose or wiping with a rag or towel.

No. Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and at safe concentration levels not to harm any plants. We also apply a liquid fertilizer that nourishes plants and neutralizes any cleaning agents.

If you wipe your siding with your finger and a chalky white substance comes off that means your siding has become oxidized. Oxidation can almost never be removed with cleaning alone and requires a restoration process that involves hand brushing the entire surface.

Roof Cleaning

The black streaks on your roof is a living bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. This roof algae is often the first step in the infestation and degradation of a roof. If it is not removed it can lead to more damaging growth such as lichen or moss that can weaken the roofing structure.

Yes! An infestation of organic growth can develop filament root systems that breakdown the shingle surface. They also provide an environment for wood destroying organisms to feed off of further deteriorating the roof.

95% of roofs can be safely cleaned from the ground or a ladder. A small percentage of roofs may require a technician to access the roof the clean certain spots.

High concentration cleaning solutions do have the ability to damage plant life which is why we take extensive plant and property protections to prevent this from ever happening. We also apply a fertilizer which nourishes your plants and neutralizes any cleaning solutions.

Yes, out treatment will completely sanitize the roof. With moss growth it will turn white and wash away with a few rain events.

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters should be cleaned at minimum once a year after the leaves have fallen if your house is near any trees. Unfortunately in Minnesota sometimes leaves can still be falling after the weather is below freezing which is why we recommend a spring and fall cleaning to ensure clog free gutters.

No, we remove all debris by hand which is the most optimal method. This ensures the gutters are 100% cleaned without leaving a mess on the ground and allows us to visually inspect the gutters for any issues.

Gutter guards will need to be removed prior to service or we can do it at an additional cost to gutter cleaning as long as the gutters are not frozen.

Yes! This is called Gutter Brightening and we offer this service as an optional service with our House Washes.

Parking Garage Cleaning

We sweep all garages before pressure washing. We then collect and dispose of all dirt and debris at an offsite facility. This ensures that your drains remain clog free and allows the pressure washers to deep clean the concrete.

In most cases we can vastly improve oil spot up to 80%-90%. If its a new oil spot almost all of it can be removed. How much of the spot that is removed often depends on how long it has been in the concrete.

Graffiti Removal

No. Graffiti can be removed from a lot of different surfaces such as brick, stone, masonry, and metal but certain surfaces such as EIFS are better off getting repainted because they are easily damaged with pressure and repainting is a more cost effective solution.

Yes, there is a clear protective coating we can apply that makes it easy to wash off graffiti but the surface needs to be 100% clear of any previous graffiti to prevent “locking in” the old graffiti.


We accept cash, credit card, or check. We always prefer cash or check since credit card transactions are charged a 3% processing fee.

We carry commercial liability insurance and can attain higher coverage than an average policy for certain commercial projects.

Yes, We are certified by the Power Washers of North America (PWNA) for House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Wood Restoration, and Environmental Responsibility.

No. We calculate our prices based on what it costs to run our business and to provide the high level of service we offer to our customers. There are many other less professional companies and inexperienced handyman that will do it much cheaper. Often the cheapest quote results in unsatisfactory results and an unhappy customer which is not our business model or how we operate.